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SAP HANA – innovative in-memory platform

SAP HANA revolutionized digital world by changing traditional database approach to in-memory and column storage databases . SAP HANA provides ultra fast platform for data processing with groundbraking in-memory innovations, analytics and real-time access to crucial transactional data.

Speed, scale and flexibility with SAP HANA

SAP HANA enables to your company high value capabilities, necessary in modern digital world for successfull business. The platform is used for analyzing information in real-time with high speed on large volumes of both aggregated and non-aggregated data. You can easily create flexible analytics models based on real-time and historic business data. SAP HANA is foundation for new category of applications which could significantly outpeform current applications. It also helps to minimize data duplication.

SAP HANA – flexible platform with huge innovation stack

SAP HANA is not only database. It’s a platform which allows you to consume HANA accelerators to fasten the Business Suite transactions. HANA Analytics gives you more insight by exploring data loaded from Business Suite on any level of detail. SAP HANA enables powerful and supercharged BW on HANA. BW solution is fasten up without disruption. Built native HANA Apps – functional applications built natively on HANA. Whole SAP Business Suite portfolio is integrated and fully optimized for HANA as a database.

SAP HANA consulting services and body leasing

In order to fully utilise SAP HANA technologies, it is important to deploy an innovative approach with the right skillset. At Link Group we have developed an expert team who support our Customers in the preparation, implementation and maintenance of SAP HANA solutions. Our Consultants, who come with different experience levels (junior, mid, senior) can demonstrate numerous qualities:

  • Associate, up to Senior Consultant level in SAP HANA (on Premise / Cloud), fully certified
  • Willingness to take on the implementation phase as well as pre-sales activities (pricing, workshops, demo, business modeling, etc) as well as maintenance
  • Flexibility and availability, both onsite as well as remote in Poland or abroad

We offer to our Customers support in the form of a Body Leasing for SAP HANA solution. What are the benefits?

  • Support of your current projects
  • System maintenance
  • Carry out regular workshops, presentations, trainings
  • Competitive technology advantage with optimized cost reduction