Scale up your team’s capacity and build products faster

Add highly-skilled software engineers to your in-house team, on a short or long-term project basis. Manage your hiring process and gain risk efficiency.

Staff outsourcing

Under the staff outscouring model, domain specialists are employed directly through Link Group, allowing you to save on the cost and liability of hiring new full-time employees to fulfill skills gaps. Specialists deployed via the staff augmentation model are usually engaged in a single project at a time, enabling higher engagement, productivity, and overall ROI.

Tackle disruptions with agility

Staff outsourcing is an effective model to rapidly address changes to your business’s needs, unlocking a factor of scalability unmatched with standard recruitment paths.

Quickest value-add

Our skills-based matching, coupled with the task-oriented nature of staff augmentation, results in it being the quickest means to add value to your current team and business.

Competitive advantage

Reinforcing your team with a skilled specialist gives you a competitive edge — increased speed-to-market, greater agility at a lower cost.


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